2048 Game, where you sum up powers of 2

Classic 2048 game. You can switch and add numbers and with power of 2, increase it to 2048!

2048 is frequently played on a gray 4×4 lattice, with numbered tiles that slide when a player moves them utilizing the four bolt keys.Every turn, a modern tile will haphazardly show up in an purge spot on the board with a esteem of either 2 or 4.Tiles slide as distant as conceivable within the chosen course until they are ceased by either another tile or the edge of the lattice. In the event that two tiles of the same number collide whereas moving, they will consolidate into a tile with the full esteem of the two tiles that collided. The coming about tile cannot consolidate with another tile once more within the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emanate a delicate glow. If a move causes three continuous tiles of the same esteem to slide together, as it were the two tiles most distant along the heading of movement will combine. On the off chance that all four spaces in a push or column are filled with tiles of the same esteem, a move parallel to that row/column will combine the primary two and final two.

Solving this game is a fascinating topic since it has a part that is random. Not only where each new tile will be put, it is difficult to accurately foresee, but whether it will be a '2' or a '4.' As such, it is difficult to have an algorithm that can solve the puzzle correctly each time. The best we can do is decide what is probable at each point to be the best move and play the game of chance. There are only four possible moves we can make at any moment. Any of these motions often have little effect on the board and are thus not worth making-for example, a step of "Down" in the above board would have no effect because all the tiles are already on the bottom edge.

Like several other apparently repetitive games, 2048 tests the brain to find a solution to more and more complicated scenarios. During every moment of the gameplay, the game (at least the original, there are hundreds of copycats) has beautifully balanced mechanics providing difficulty. Keep playing it, but don't stick to just one word, as the method will inevitably be worked out by the brain and the game will be viewed (by the brain) as a way to do so-called mental drift after that. And this is why you cease to learn.

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