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Knowledge on current affairs is news. This can be given by a wide variety of media: word of mouth, publishing, mail services, television, electronic correspondence, or through evidence from spectators and witnesses to events. Battle, democracy, politics, education, health, the environment, economy, industry, fashion, and entertainment, as well as sporting activities, eccentric or odd events, are popular subjects for news coverage. Since ancient times, government proclamations have been dubbed news, concerning royal rituals, rules, taxation, public health, and offenders.

Considering the history, there were state clerks who recorded important events in Ancient Egypt. This tradition continued in Babylon after Ancient Egypt. M.S. Journalism, which seemed to be recording the history until the 1500s and presenting it to certain people, has taken the first steps of today's modern journalism with the first printed publications since the 1500s. By 1704, the first daily newspaper started to be published in London.

With the advent of the internet, probably the most significant turning point in media took place. The idea of internet journalism originated with the creation of the internet. Although the idea of breaking is a normal notion that occurs in journalism, the last minute concept has become one of the most significant principles of journalism since the advent of internet journalism. News portals where the last minute updates can be tracked and the latest news have been launched one after another. With the spread of social media sites, Online publishing, which displaced newspapers, touched millions of individuals in a short period.

The introduction of health reporting in the first newspapers and medical journals that are specialized specialist publishers and educating the public by these publications can be viewed as a starting point in the historical growth of health coverage. In the 1970s and 1980s, when there was still little specialisation in health journalism, And advanced healthcare facilities that are shaped in line with trends in the health and media industries. Health coverage created by reporters is also published in national newspapers. The 1990s and 2000s followed.

Things are still going on, but not all of them are news, even though they're recent. A guy wakes up, eats breakfast and goes to work on a bus; it just happened, but since it's not special, nobody wants to hear about it. Standard and ordinary things do not generate news. Of course, it would be odd if the same guy was 90 years old and was always taking the bus to work every day! "Dog bites man"Dog bites man"Man bites dog"Man bites dog. However, this description isn't general. If dogs are eaten in your culture (for example, at feasts), so when a man bites a dog - as long as it has been fried - it won't be news.