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A meme is a notion or a pattern of behavior that spreads from one person to another. Beliefs, styles, tales, and phrases are only a few examples of memes. "Internet memes" are memes that are spread through social media. Using Facebook and checking email multiple times a day are two examples of behavioral Internet memes.

Meme is a type of cultural knowledge that spreads through imitation. Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary scientist, coined the term meme (from the Greek mimema, which means "to imitate") in his book The Selfish Gene in 1976.

A meme is a cultural notion, symbol, or practice that may be transferred from one mind to another by writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other repeatable events.

Death. Tardar Sauce died on May 14, 2019, at the age of 7, in the arms of her owner Tabatha after complications from a urinary tract infection. Her death was revealed on social media on May 17, 2019, and she was mourned by many people throughout the world. Tributes were left all around the world.

Memes give a brand a fresh, contemporary feel. A meme may transform a brand's image from stodgy to contemporary in a matter of seconds. People adore them, and businesses thrive when their customers are content. A meme's fans are more inclined to share it if they had a positive experience with it.

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